Eminem – Things Get Worse

All the moaning, whining and crying has paid of for a lot of Belgian Eminem fans out there; Allong with Nine Inch Nails, Skun Anansie, Deftones and the Prodigy mister Slim Shady is apparently going to take the stage at Pukkelpop Festival in August as well. Sounds like an interesting line up so far if you ask me. The tickets for the festival don’t come too cheap, they are about 100 bucks. Which isn’t that much when you consider the big names…

As an Eminem fan, I was so happy when I read the news earlier this week. Belgium isn’t too far away from Amsterdam so I could consider the 3 hour trip for a chance to see Eminem live on stage again. The last time I’ve seen him live on stage was when I was friggin 16 years old, so it’s been a while.

If only Eminem would come to The Netherlands, instead of Belgium, though… That would be even better, in my opinion 😛 I sure envy them Belgian waffles right now.

Rumor has it that Em will release his latest album somewhere this year, though. Hmmz… Can’t wait for this man to finally drop a new album. Until then I’ll just terrorize my neighbors with the other 7 CD’s I have of mister Mathers.

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