You’re drunk…?

Hello dear readers!

The weekend has begun and so it is time to unwind and have fun for the most of us. Time to enjoy yourselves, go crazy and be free spirited and experience the true meaning of an abundant life. It is time to let go of your troubles and whatever it is that bothers you throughout your day-to-day week days and: to get totally wasted and have little old me pay you a visit!

I just love to hang out with a drunken crowd, for they are careless and highly entertaining.

So go on and get drunk already!

I am waiting in the back of the room for you to guzzle up that alcoholic beverage. I have been waiting for you all day, ever since the moment you woke up from another hangover. For some reason you just can’t seem to see me, so it appears. Or maybe you’re avoiding me? Hey, no worries! It’s alright, I understand how easy it is to  pretend the big pink elephant in the room not to be there. But I have to assure you this; I will not be ignored!

The sooner you will accept my presence in the room, the sooner the fun will begin. So just uncork another bottle of fire water and LET ME IN! You know you want to, it’ll be fun.  Trunkette and Dumpling just can’t wait to make your acquaintance! They love to snap pictures of our visits and I plan to share lots more of them here on this blog.

Just take a look at these guys, they have partied with the pink elephant family  already and they all had a blast:





Kangaroo & Hippo

I collect pictures of all those who allow me and the pink elephant family to come over and party with them. I’ll be sharing my collection on my own blog whenever I have the time.

If you happen to have a picture of me paying you a visit in your drunken stage, feel free to let me know! You can just reply to any of my blog entries, or visit my own blog by clicking my name and provide me with he link to your photo. I look forward to see it!

Have a drunken weekend,

Pinky Elefant

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