Aunt Patty Mary Sally

Well then. Pinky Elefant will blog for me every now and then, starting yesterday. Mondays are just not my thing, so I figured to let the elephant fill in for me instead.

I’ve also been quite preoccupied with another insomniac weekend. Sunday I didn’t sleep and today I had a nap for an hour but was pretty much awake and bitching throughout the rest of the day.

Oh, and my dearest aunt Patty Mary Sally dropped by this weekend. She hits me faster than a shark attack and will be sticking around for at least a few more days. Well, isn’t that fun? Yes, so much bloody fun! Dear old aunty PMS is just to DIE for! Hip hip hooray…

Man, I am craving chocolates and violence so bad right now. A nice bottle of vodka with some coke would be nice too. What a bitch… Bring out the bitch in me.

Even though I feel like a ticking time bomb thanks to the presence of aunt PMS, I’ve tried very hard not to snap at anyone today, nor the passed few days. Though I have been quite grumpy. I feel like yelling and screaming. I guess I’ll go scream along to some angry women songs; that could help. Or maybe I’ll just collapse and stay in a coma until aunt Patty Mary Sally leaves…?

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