Crazy Backstreet Boys

Well, Backstreet Boys are on the move again and I am just so excited for them! A lot has happened back in Backstreet Boys World the passed months.

In short:  Of course Kevin Richardson rejoined the group, AJ McLean became a father for the first time of a lovely little girl, Howie Dorough became father for the second time of another baby boy and Nick Carter finally got engaged to his long-term sweetheart.

Aside from all the joyful things the Boys are experiencing in their private lives, they have a new album in the making AND a  complete Backstreet Boys documentary which will be out in the Fall.

April 20-22 is officially PARTY time for Backstreet Boys and their fan base. The guys will celebrate their 20 year anniversary. To top it off they will FINALLY have that promised star on the walk of fame in Hollywood. And every fan out there is invited to join the fun!

If you have the chance to make your way to Hollywood, the Boys promise to make it worth your while. As the Boys say so themselves on their official website; Get to Hollywood early, because we’re throwing a party on the day of our anniversary!

Gosh, I do envy all them American fans right now. No way in hell that I’ll be able to attend that party in Hollywood physically myself. Besides, I have my own party to attend in April.  There’s the Dutch Elf Fantasy Fair, where I’ll be partying with garden gnomes and other freakshows. And the Dutch Queen is abdicating in April, which will be celebrated nationwide.

Still though, there just ain’t no party like a Backstreet party, that’s for sure! These guys put the cherry on top when it comes to partying with their fans 😛


The boys have been expressing their own excitement for the upcoming Backstreet Boys party. They have been bombing Facebook, Twitter and all other possible social media with their goofy stuff like always. I wonder though, if this is AJ’s way of saying “1 is enough”?:

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