It’s Friday Night. Time to bang your head against a desk and have the weekends fly by like a fart! How fun is that!

Not that anyone cares, but uhm: My mom is completely mesmerized by the animated GIF which you can see on the right of this text. She’s now singing her own made up song to it, and she really wanted me to share all of this useful info right here in this blog.  Right now she is humming a song to Psy’s Gangnam Style going a bit like this

“this is the new Harlem shake,
the new Harlem shake,
bang your head to a desk and do the new shakey shake.”

Yes, there is so much depth here in this room right now. Do you feel it? Can you feel the deepness?! Just take it all in and become as deep as we are right now!


The good part is that her English isn’t that good, so she has no idea that I’m typing about her while she is staring at the GIF. Bringing the desire to head-desk to a new level. An outspoken level which I will now try out.

*bangs head against desk*

And now she is leaving, because she cannot stand the awkwardness any longer. She will now party with her other senior friends while I spend another evening with… Queen Mashimaro and Queen Droppie, watching Pokemon cartoons.

I’m considering to purchase a gas mask, by the way. Just because I somehow find them quite interesting. Justin Bieber apparently wore one in attempt to go “under cover”. As if walking around with a gas mask is the most common thing in the world. *rolls eyes*

Now on the other hand, in his defense, really; I do think it was a mayor improvement to his appeal. That gas mask is quite sexy. Yep, I think I’ve developed another fetish. I guess you could consider it a fashion statement; to wear gas masks. They look quite interesting, quite freaky and like I’ve said a bit sexy even. And so I want a gas mask!!

Note to self: I am aware of the fact that I am a twisted fuck, becoming more twisted by the day.

Speaking of fashion statements. I’ve seen lots of cool online MEME shops passing by, offering shirts and other fun goodies with everyone’s favorite MEME prints on them. They all seem soooo cool to have. But ehm… Call me a cheapskate or just plain old Dutch; I don’t see the point in spending more than 10 bucks on a shirt, even when there’s a cool print on it. Maybe it’s because my wallet is suffering from emptiness.

Aside from that, the whole Detox Campaign by Greenpeace has got me thinking about all the toxic ink they use to create those fancy t-shirts to begin with. There’s got to be a less toxic way to create funky t-shirts. How about instead of ink to use embroidery or something? Hmmm… I soOoOo want a pair of pants with the phrase “try the ketchup motherfucker” embroided on the ass.

Yes, along with the gas mask and bunny ears I’d say that would be a perfect outfit for a night out!


I really have nothing to say right now. I better grab another bottle of wine and bang my head on a desk some more. Miss Piggy is quite funny. Look at her head-desking like a pro. Wow!



8 thoughts on “*head-desk*

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