Goat Editions, an improvement to today’s hit songs!

Harlem Shake is fun, but is soOooO yesterday. Despite of that, some villages down here in The Netherlands are considering to hold a World Championship in Harlem Shaking. Just look at the massive one they recorded in Leeuwarden a while back:

I have to admit that the ones with a massive crowd jumping up and down to the Baaur’s Harlem Shake are actually still quite fun to watch. To make a World Championship thing of it would indeed be quite interesting. And Mr Baaur at least has one song he’ll be remembered for throughout history, if the hype doesn’t fade within a month… I’m a bit confused; though. Because we have Baaur and we have Frans Bauer.

But the goat thing is something else I tell ya, it is even better. This compilation of goats who improve a bunch of songs from today’s pop culture are just to die for XD. Seriously, wouldn’t it be FUN to hear some of these versions in a club? You know what? Just look at it! It’s hysterical!

But of course, to keep things completely viraled up (if that’s even a phrase?!); here’s the Harlem Shake GOAT Edition 🙂

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