Get Shell Out of The Artic!

I’m having another hippie moment here, bare with me. I’ve just received this reminder in my mail from Greenpeace the other day. Go ahead and read it yourself:

Very soon, Shell’s future in the Arctic will be decided. The US government, which granted the company permits to search for oil off Alaska, is finishing an urgent investigation that could confirm what we’ve known all along — drilling in the Arctic is simply not safe.

Click here to tell President Obama to call a timeout on Arctic drilling.

tumblr_mgb6sklgp51r0cxoho1_500The Obama administration is in a position to stop Shell from operating in the Arctic in 2013. An oil spill in the Arctic would be devastating for the ecosystem and the polar bears. We must gather as much global pressure as possible to convince the government stop Shell’s permits.

One of the conditions for Shell to be allowed to drill in the Arctic is that it must have two working rigs. Soon, Shell’s will tow its battered Arctic rigs to Asia for repairs after a year-long series of mishaps and failures.

Obama must understand that there is no way to drill safely in the Arctic.

Click here to stop Shell’s reckless charge into the pristine Arctic!

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