Reliving Pokemon moments

For some reason I’ve been watching Pokemon stuff again. Both parodies as the original stuff. It’s hilarious! I am actually downloading a collection of every single episode of the the Pokemon as I’m typing this down. I loved the cartoon and the video games as a kid.

You know what? I still have the original Pokemon Red game for the oldskool gameboy. I still have a friggen old skool gameboy! It’s almost as old as I am. *scratches head*.

Anywayz…. You could say I’m having another childish moment. Others might call it “bringing back childhood memories”. It’s so nostalgic. Pokemon rocks XD

Oh, I found this Pokemon creation by Can Of Nothing on youtube and it cracked me up. There are 3 episodes I found so far. They’re a bit geeky but hey watching Pokemon at my age is kind of geeky so what the heck, right? So uhm… I’ll go and refill my wine bottle and watch some more Pokemon.

Cheers and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Reliving Pokemon moments

    1. Pokemon Red is the best! Eventhough it has no color.

      They have emulators for PC and Mac now, so that you are able to play old skool video games 🙂

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