Fuck Valentines Day – Love Stinks

Oh hip hip hooray , it’s fucking valentine’s day! *barfs* Time to show your significant other how much you love them with chocolates and flowers. *ahum* What a load of HORSE SHIT! If I’d give chocolates and flowers to Queen Mashimaro and Queen Droppie they wouldn’t really feel loved. Some flowers and all chocolates are lethal to rabbits… How morbid. So much for a loving gift?

fuck-cupidI hate valentine’s day. It sucks. It makes me want to rip Cupid’s heart out to paint the pavements with his blood. Would be a nice colorful sight. Just wow. A lovely carpet of white snow with Cupid’s blood smeared all over! Neat-o!

I hate valentine’s day. I hate having supposed friends setting you up on a date with a toothless ogre, because they think “love is blind and you need not to be alone on a lover’s day”. What the fuck? I have Queen Mashimaro and Queen Droppie, they are all I need every single day.

I hate valentines day and all the stupid stores trying to make a buck out of it. I hate all the heart shaped stupid stuff they sell at any given store just because of today’s theme. It makes me want to set everything on fire. It makes me want to throw bricks through the store window.

I hate valentines day. I hate couples walking by, holding hands. The chick looks at you as if to say she got it made. The guy looks at you while the chick isn’t looking as if he never gets laid. It’s just so fake. It makes me want to shoot up any given couple passing by. An urge I’m fighting very hard not to do.


I watched The Wedding Singer last night. That movie is just hysterical. Have I mentioned how I love Adam Sandler movies? He sings in it, (duuuh, hence the name of the movie) and there’s this one song he sings in it and that one’s just priceless! It totally fits my mood right now and I suppose it fits for anyone else hating on Valentines Day. Well whatta yaknow! I guess this song right here will just be my Anti Valentine’s Day Theme song XD

BTW, I’m indefinately a twisted fuck for admitting this; but when this young Adam Sandler with the sexy facial hair throws a fit it makes me tingly, teeheehee 😀 He don’t sing too bad in this movie either. Very interesting indeed *grins mischievously*

One thought on “Fuck Valentines Day – Love Stinks

  1. Great song! I hate valentines day too. This song I will play lots of times this coming days. Adam Sandler is weird, but funny weird. Hehehe!!

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