Happy Birthday Mike Shinoda

It’s Februari 11th, today my other favorite rapper turned 36 years old. On second thought, calling Mike Shinoda just a rapper wouldn’t really be fair. That guy is something else, really. He’s a bit of everything; songwriter, producer, keyboardist, guitarist, painter, graphic designer… Gosh, the list of his talents is sooooo long, I’m sure I haven’t even named half of it all! Let’s just say he’s a real master mind 😛

And…; he’s sporting goatees like a pro XD *sigh* He’s so hot, XD Seriously, back in the day in my teenaged years; aside from Nick Carter helping many teenyboppers (including myself) through puberty *grins*, Mike Shinoda sure as hell helped a lot of girls (including myself) through puberty and even passed puberty as well 😛 *grins even more*


It’s not just his skills as a musician that should be mentioned. He and Linkin Park founded Music for Relief, to support disaster relief and reduce global warming. And quite recently Mike Shinoda revealed to be co-founder of Sustainable Recycling Solutions, which is the first Recycling Company in Haiti. They focus on building a lasting industry, creating new jobs, cleaning up the streets, and contributing to healthier communities. You can read all about it and more in his own blog really; at mikeshinoda.com. Very inspirational.

Mucho kudos to Mike Shinoda and happy birthday 🙂

Well then… All there’s left for me to do now, is to end this blog entry with a few of my favorite Linkin Park/ Fort Minor/ Mike Shinoda tracks:

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mike Shinoda

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  2. Bless you for this lovely post about Mike Shinoda with your blog site. He should feel honored for such devoted fanatics like yourself!

  3. Reblogged this on More Than Young Ink and commented:
    who can rock a rhyme like this? M Shinoda rocks!!!! >:} pun intended. Talent is a beautiful thing so remember to cultivate it cleanly and creatively like Shinoda!!!

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