More snow; yay

It’s been snowing in The Netherlands again for a few days. The snow caused one of the biggest traffic jams The Netherlands ever had. Of course public transportation wasn’t as reliable as they “normally” tend to be.

I’ve been home “sick” so I’m not really bothered with the snow outside, really. I think it’s nice. The snowy neighborhood sure looks beautiful from my window, while I have myself a hot chocolate with coughing syrup XD

Been living a bit like a zombie/vampire the passed few days too. I somehow can’t sleep because of the cold so I end up playing video games while sketching pigs and dragons.

That winter wonderland feeling is sure rising up again now. People are all hyped up to go ice-skating around here. People were all crying tears of joy when it was announced that this year we would finally have a real “Elf-stedentocht” (A  marathon to pass 11 cities on ice). My mom is a big fan, even though she can’t skate on the ice. Neither can I. I’ve tried ice-skating last year with friends but I ended up falling on my ass most of the time. I’ll leave it to the pros this year 😛

Tomorrow I’m going to visit a friend. Am hoping for public transportation to be somewhat reliable, cause I need to go there by bus. *shrugs* Ah heck, it’ll be fine.

Droppie MashimaroDamn… It’s 3.30 in the morning already? WTF… I better go grab Droppie and Mashimaro  and go play some more videogames. They are just SO inspiring.

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