Merry Christmas!

Note to self: Keep it short, Gizmo’s waiting.

How my Christmas has been so far? Well… I’ve been rushing from one Indonesian church to other these days to celebrate Christmas on my new 11 cm stiletto heels. Oh it was lots of fun and totally worth every minute: Singing Indonesian christmas songs and hearing that same christmas story twice in different dialects with the lack of translation (my Indonesian language skills is almost as good as my Japanese, aside from the phrases “thank you” and “good-bye”, conversations don’t go that deep from my department).

Well… Happy birthday to baby Jesus, and all that. No pun intended, I’m serious – Jesus is the reason for any given season and a Christmas celebration without the story of His birth just feels a little incomplete to me. It’s like having a banana split without a banana, like a nastar without pineapples or like fries without mayonnaise. Speaking of nastar (the most delicious Indonesian cookies, aside from spekkoek XD), we decided not to stick around for the food at the Indonesian churches this time. We already had our fill on the Sunday service. Indonesian people STUFF you with food. My carrot diet was a complete waste of time thanks to the Indonesian buffet that awaited my plate that day…

cheese_pizza-901But now we’re home again. And I had been craving pizza for the Christmas meal, actually. And we all agreed on it, to skip the Soto Soup for tomorrow and have pizza and a movie instead.


And so my wish came true; we are having PIZZA FOR CHRISTMAS and I am gonna put on the Gremlins in a few minutes, because nothing can bring that Christmas spirit up better than the Gremlins XD Aside from Infinite Santa 8000,  of course 😛

Anywayz… I better go eat my pizza with lots of cheese and plug my Heartdrive into the TV for that christmas movie. Gizmo can’t wait anymore.


10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Apa!!? Ayo, makan makan! You can refuse Indonesian meal? Be shame of you! hehehe, lo gila 😛

    Selamat Hari Natal dan happy new yer, ya! GBU

    1. Yes, with LOTS of cheese and peppers and mushrooms and bellpeppers and oooooh…. more cheese and… I want pizza again *pouts*

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