A monolog with the self

My countdown in the right corner states that in a week from now the end of the world as we know it approaches. I don’t believe in an “end of the world” but I do think we will face things in 2013 in that we haven’t faced yet in comparison to 2012. I do hope a lot of things will change in the new year. Not sure how or what, I don’t dream too big. LOL. Just simple things to strive for, to set the mind to. If only just so you have the feeling you’re at least trying to push yourself through whatever gunk you are stuck in.

Where was I going with this?

But as 2012 is coming to an end, it makes a person reflect on the year so far. Rethinking highlights and memorable events. Stuff that might still be worth bringing up as a pun during small talk. Stuff worth mentioning. And what is it that happened this year that can be considered worth another thought? Stuff that makes a person proud, happy, sad or angry, or even disgusted.

I guess what I’m trying to express throughout this monolog with def man’s ears, is that writing down my thoughts helps me reflect and rethink everything. Not just what happened this year, but the passed years, since the very first year I’ve been on this planet. Not everything I write down might be too interesting for an outsider. I write to vent my thoughts.

Bah…. Whatever.

stilletoI purchased these stiletto’s on a discount yesterday. They hurt like hell. The heels are super high, like 11 cm. Walking on high heels is funny, I even have this one stilleto pair that I wear when it snows or when I need to lift heavy stuff. Yep, I love those stilleto’s. They are heaven to walk on. But with the new stilleto’s I got now, the extra height sure takes the humor away. Especially when you step into an Indonesian church and are the tallest person – aside from the white Dutch men… I felt like a giant surrounded by midgets. Seriously, as if Alice had taken another grow cookie at the teaparty.

My rabbits need food. I better go test-walk on my 11 cm extended height and feed them. And then yell at someone.

Note to self: Nevermind… Take an energry drink.

This monolog is like writing a letter to someone who will never read it. Making you careful with the way you present yourself, til a certain degree. Yet at the other hand you throw it all out, nothing’s really a secret except for the things you prefer to keep a secret. And those secrets are stored somewhere else, exposed somewhere else. Like on a piece of paper you carry around in your wallet, a picture. Maybe it’s in a painting, a statue, a piece of writing… A piece of music. However it is that one keeps the monolog going, is to grow with input.

Don’t worry, be happy. Laugh at yourself, laugh at everything. Shit happens. Just don’t keep your foot in it and whipe it off…

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