Why do you blog?

As I sit here, awaiting for my next scheduled activity to fill the rest of my day while listening to an eclectic audio collection of stuff I either bought or downloaded from the internet and done all I thought needed to start up, I decide to return to this blog yet again. I like writing long sentences. But keeping them short yet and logical can sometimes be tricky.

I was wondering what made someone blog? I mean, I do it myself because I like writing down day-to-day activities for myself, at first. I like to read ‘m back at times. I started blogging as a teenager. I guess it’s kind of like what others have with a paper diary. The difference is that as a teenager I discovered how interesting it is to share my thoughts and views with a “select” group of other teenagers. Some shared every single thing imaginable. Others were selective in what they wanted out in the open. Because when others can read it, they can comment to whatever it is you shared.

The difference with a WordPress blog, however, is that the lurkers aren’t a “selective” group anymore. And not many lurkers actually respond or part of your “fanbase” or followers. That’s another thing; what makes someone follow certain bloggers? What makes you as a random viewer on a blog decide to either insert your email for future updates? What makes youi read the entire blog in the first place? Is it because of something funny, weird or interesting you’ve seen in that blog? And what is it that you consider as “interesting” in whatever some random person on the other side of the planet is sharing?

And if you decide to follow that person’s blog because you happen to be part o’ the “community”, because you have an account with a login and a password, what makes you want to do that?

A paper diary, how many have one of those still laying around? I actually do. There are infact matters, thoughts and ideas that I rather not have out in the open. Stuff I share solely with myself. It’s like airing my brain. The mind can get cloggy when thousands of thoughts cram up in there.

I guess I just find these questions rather interesting right now. Maybe it’s because I’ve treated myself on a little mind drift. It makes you think of things in a way you wouldn’t have thought of earlier. Or wouldn’t have thought and chuckled over if you were clear minded. A real brainfart, haha. It releases the pressure when you allow to just release the air.


And when do you tend to read or watch certain things? Ok that’s a  weird question. Let’s just blame it on the Jack. And no not mr Daniels. I don’t really drink that much alcohol these days at all. Only at parties or when I’m with friends or that. Even when I go out clubbing, which I don’t do that often as much either, I don’t drink that much and prefer to stay sober throughout most of the night. Have you been sober in a club? It’s funny. Especially when the others are completely drunk and lost their rhytm. Or maybe they never had a rhytm but their lack of it was showing even more. But they don’t care, because they’re having a good time. If they’re not, then that’s pretty sad because why you go out clubbing and get drunk to sob and mope in the corner? Some hardly even dance when they go to the club. They just sit at the bar and stare at the other people dancing. Go to a bar if you don’t wanna dance! I mean maybe for just a break because your feet are hurting. But then at least you had a good excuse! But some people just don’t dance. Why’s that?

I do. Another reason why I don’t like to go a club these days either. I like to dance, just only when others are willing to dance too. Dancing by myself is something I do at work or in my own house when I assume I’m alone. Dancing by yourself when you’re at home lone is highly entertaining. Put on some music and go wild out all by yourself! **OMG why the fuck do I have to laugh at this stuff?**


Are you getting this? Because I just lost it. My mind is still drifing off in rapid speed. It’s slowly wearing off, though. Maybe if you’re in the same zone as I was just a second ago, maybe if you’re high on something or in a buzz you know. *Wow.. This stuff beats Jack Daniels any day*

Why would you want to write a biography and publish it? What makes someone think they’re that interesting that others might want to actually purchase a copy of you’re story? And why do people actually buy it?

I guess it’s because it makes you reflect on yourself and makes you think of things in a way you wouldn’t have done earlier. Are you in a mind drift too, then? Dude, what is it YOU’RE smoking then?!

Somehow I feel like a smoked bluntleave… How odd. Having fun with yourself is even more fun when.. Never mind.

Wow…. WTF I… Go do something else now. Maybe play a video game.

Thanks for lurking, btw.

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