Batteries Not Included

I just love movies from the 80’s. Some are a lil geeky but that’s what makes them cute at the same time.

Saturday I watched Short Circuit 2 again, with my sis and a friend. Ah man, childhood memories just rose up while watching this 80’s classic again. I think I’ve posted something about Johnny 5 before and I still have to say it: Johnny 5 rocks! Coolest life form ever xD

I so hope they are going to make a re-make of some sort. Read something about a project that was set up in 2009 but nothing too specific, unfortunately… Hmmmz…


While watching Short Circuit 2, my sis and I couldn’t help me think about this other cute robot movie from the 80’s. Anyone remember Batteries Not Included? With the lil mini space ships and that sweet elderly couple? Am downloading it right now, as a matter of fact.Can’t wait to see it.

Can’t wait to have another classic 80’s movie night! Gonna be mad fun 🙂

I mean, just look at the cute lil space ships, man! Just look at ‘m XD

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