The longest playlist on Spotify?

I’ve written a more recent blog entry about Spotify playlists.

My Eclectic Audio Addiction Playlist on Spotify contains over 500 songs at the moment. Spotify is awesome 🙂 The ability to listen to music for free is something I’d never refuse to try, tee-hee. It’s either this or hunting for torrentz, ya know XD.

Music should be free, in all honesty. If I were a musician, I’d spread my mp3’s on The Pirate Bay server. If people like it they’ll talk about it and viola, they’ll end up buying something in the future maybe. And if not, that’s fine too. Cause making music shouldn’t be about making money… It’s nice to be rewarded for the hard work. But music is a passion, a way of life first… And then maybe a money maker, if you’re fortunate enough to get that far…

If it weren’t for the act of peer-to-peer downloading, I would have probably never discovered bands like KidsInTheWay, TheBandWithNoName, Pillar, Hybrid Theory (before they became Linkin Park, duh) and the likes ’til a whole lot later… I’m sure I’m not the only one with that thought. And… I guess I just prefer trying out music before the band becomes mainstream; the hunger is much stronger when a musician is just getting started. When they’re well fed during the mainstream ride, they tend to sound like they’re stuffed and spoiled.

Anyway… Spotify is cool. I wonder if my list is the longest yet? Or is there someone out there with more time on their hands?

The only thing that bothers me on Spotify is that I’m hardly able to find any music by certain Dutch, Indonesian and Surinamese musicians. I’ve found Korean and Japanese musicians and I’ve found old skool Hetty Koes Endang (GOING KRONTJONG!!) But dude, where the hell is Deff Rhymz?! Where the hell is Dewa19?! Where the hell is Trafassi?!

19 thoughts on “The longest playlist on Spotify?

  1. I have a playlist of all EDM music that consists of over 5,500 songs and is 540 hours long.. You could listen to the damn thing for over 3 weeks straight and never hear the same song twice (I filtered out the duplicates)

      1. I haven’t seen one yet soo i don’t think there is? If you could find a link or something, that would be nice 🙂

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