=> I don’t vote… But if I would, I’d vote for me <=

I have nothing against voting. The freedom of speech, the ability to choose for whatever it is you believe in. Infact; being able to vote is a good thing. When you think about the fact that years ago, neither women nor black people were allowed to vote in some of Western civilization and some people still aren’t allowed to vote in some countries to this day; having the opportunity to vote is very powerful, beautiful and all that sort of great things.

I, however, am not going to vote. Now you might say something like “if you don’t vote, don’t complain”. Dude, you don’t know the half of it so shut it until you’ve read the rest of my ramblings. I am not voting; period. I can’t vote, I won’t vote. I have voted in the passed and it brought me shit. I can’t vote and I won’t vote this time; cause regardless if I vote or not; shit can happen anyway.

Ok… Let me just… Explain it a little more.

Politics – my favorite topic to nag about. Here goes:

Upcoming September 12th we in Holland are all called (except for me) to vote for the party we believe in. Parties, that claim to stand for certain ideals; like improving healthcare, the envirement, finances and other wonderful mumbo jumbo…Yup… It’s time for the Dutch general elections. More info about the Dutch political system and the reason why we are having new elections can be found here.

Holland is quite democratic. Eventhough we have a Queen, it is supposedly us the people who are able to choose what kind of political parties we’d like to have in the “Tweede Kamer“, in the Cabinet, and who our Prime Minister will be. We had Harry Potter a few years ago for Prime Minister. We shortly had Rutte up until recently.

Now we used to laugh at Harry Potter, but Rutte is nothing but a Pinokkio with wood worms in his head. He’s a fucking lier and a coward who couldn’t even fill the shoes of fucking Harry Potter for longer than 2 years…. Harry Potter wasn’t that great. But his cabinet lasted about 10 years, though… But with certain political figures dying and other shit happening, Harry Potter’s “regime” looked like a traffic light, like a red-light-green-light relationship… But Rutte is the real loser here, though…

Things aren’t going that well, in my opinion. Things have been going down hill for a while, in my opinion. I’ve lost my faith in the Dutch political system. Not the system really, but the people who run it, the people we are able to vote for. Because what do they stand for? They all promise one thing and do something else once they are elected anyway. They make the whole point in voting a fucking joke!

For instance; we have the Euro now. Hardly anyone in Holland voted YES for the Euro, but we have it in our wallet to this day and look at how things are going financially througout Europe, thanks to the Euro! Just great, huh?

Spain is nearly bankrupt. Italy is going bankrupt. Greece is bankrupt. Many countries are going bankrupt. I think it’s good to help others where possible. But when it comes to handing out other countries money that we don’t really have…. I don’t call that helping, y’know. It’s like giving a homeless person a dollar bill instead of a sandwich; he might buy crack instead with your dollar. And I’m not saying Greece is going to buy crack for the 30 billion Euros they are getting from the Dutch banks, but… Is it really helping?

Come on man! Holland is going bankrupt this way! We have a gap of billions of Euros ourselves that we need to fill by having old people not being able to retire, cutting back in the educational system and health care. We are paying taxes on taxes these days.

And we, the Dutch, are just going to give everybody billions of Euroes to keep their heads above water, while we ourselves can hardly get by as a country? Not saying that we’re poor or whatever, but things are changing for the bad. Some people actually are poor here. The line up for wellfare and foodstamps is now miles long! Old people can’t have a well deserved retirement, some are forced to find a job now because the retirement fund they worked so hard for and SAVED up themselves is being cut back by the state. How fair is that?

I could go on on about what’s wrong with the financial and political system right now… I could go on and on about what’s wrong with society today… Don’t worry, I won’t…

All I really want to say is; I don’t vote. What’s the use? What’s the point in voting when my vote doesn’t seem to count anyway. Because whether I say yes or no to anything, the state comes up with it’s own decisions eventually. Again; look at the Euro.

There are so many retards with their fake smiling faces advertising for their “wonderful” party on TV right now. It just makes me sick. There are so many disturbing people out there with empty promises who won’t stick with those promises anyway. I think it would be a mayor joke if nobody in Holland would vote at all on the 12th of September.

And if they did vote on the 12th; that they’d vote for THEMSELVES as a person and not for any specific party. Because if I want to fuck something up, I’d rather fuck it up myself than have 150 morons fuck things up for me! So if I could vote, if I would vote; I’d vote for me…

OK… That probably made no sense to anyone but I feel much better now I got that off my chest.

One thought on “=> I don’t vote… But if I would, I’d vote for me <=

  1. Hi I am so happy I found your webpage, I really found you by mistake, while I was searching on Bing for something else, Regardless
    I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a remarkable post and a all round thrilling blog.

    I too think voting is overrated, because the politicians only pretend to want to improve the world but they only want to fill their own pockets!

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