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Ever woke up with the sound of The Power Rangers Samurai ? I have… When I stay over at my best friend’s house, I sleep in the living room. I ended up forced to watch this wack show today with my best friend’s kid in the morning when I crawled out of bed. Man… The show didn’t make sense to me when I was a kid, it still doesn’t now that I’m supposedly an adult.

It’s not that I don’t like shows where they fight with monsters, nor do I have anything against super heroes. I just either prefer them to be cartoons or to otherwise have something with a little more quality and a little more depth… I mean, spiderman from back in the day made waaaay more sense then it does now. There was an actual story there. Batman, Xmen, Transformers, hell even Dragon Ball Z man, don’t get me started on those cartoons! They were wicked and fun and the artwork was just amazing in all those cartoons.

Everything in the Power Rangers show just looks so… Fake.. Which is good, I guess, in the sense that kids do watch the show and that it isn’t needed for them to be too scary or realistic. But still though… Even the fucking teletubbies are more real than the fucking Power Rangers, man. There was one phrase during the show that stuck with me though; “Are you soft in the head?!” It was said by one of them fake looking monsters in the show and it just cracked me and I couldn’t help myself, I’ve used it quite a lot today.

We bbq-ed today. It was mad fun. My best friend’s boyfriend took his position behind the bbq. When my best friend was single I used to watch the meat on the bbq. I’m pretty good at it, if I may say so myself. My best friend told my boyfriend that he’d have to proof himself today, because she is used to my bbq expertise xD

It’s just so cool as a chick to be able to tell a guy that you aren’t afraid of fire and are able to bake the meat on the gril of a bbq with no burn. I don’t burn my meat, I know how to cook so to handle a bbq is just a piece of pie.

Enough on my ego… The bbq was good. He did burn a few chickenwings and sausages but it’s ok. I joked and said; “With all the smoking I do, they could build new highways. So bring on the burned meat man, let’s give them some more ash to clobber out of my lungs.” Sure cracked everyone up.

Side note:

I am concidering to donate my body to the road construction department once I die. I might just actually put that in my Will someday. Of course, it would be nice if that piece of high way or road would have my name on it. And then everyone can just drive over my remains. I can only imagine the traffic reports then… Tee-hee-hee! How funny would it be to have a traffic jam on my remains? I’d either want that, or to have them feed my corpse to the zoo animals. That way my supposed grandchilderen can go the zoo and watch the animals who ate granny… Although donating my ashes to the road construction department somehow sounds less morbid and more fun.

Yes. I am completely insane xD


The piñata has to wait for another day. Today we had no chance to get our hands on it. Too busy preparing the bbq and too busy with kids running around again. My best friend’s boyfriend’s kid was over too, so yeah. Another day with a full house. Which is fun, of course.

Unfortunately my best friend’s kid was behaving like a real pain in the ass throughout the entire day. Giving a big mouth, doing things she’s told not to, sneaking into the kitchen to make her own water bombs. (God, why do I teach these kids such stupid tricks in the first place?) The kitchen was a complete mess! Water and wet toiletpaper everywhere. I got mad of course; “You kids have 20 seconds to clean everything up. No buts, no why, no word; you clean and that’s it. I´ll be back to check on you and if it´s not clean you´re in big trouble.” Wow, they flew right back into the kitchen. Went outside to check up on the adults if they needed anything for the bbq. When I got back, within 20 seconds, the kids had cleaned up their mess as they were told.

I don´t like being a stern auntie, normally. But I was really up for it today. It was really needed today, too. My best friend´s kid was just plain out rude and obnoxious. I laugh it off, joke about it and then tell the kid very stern that if they don´t do as I say they will suffer the consequence. I´ve never had to become physical about it… Did put the kid under a cold shower the other day because of another attitude issue she had. But hey, if that´s what helps to keep the kid calm then that´s what they need, I guess…

So grateful to not have kids on my own… Days like these just show me again how blessed I am about the fact that I don´t have them. I like kids: from other people. Maybe that will change later, but now I just know I feel so happy to be able to go home without the drama kids can give sometimes. Of course it’s not just drama, they offer hugs, tickles and love and there’s the funny little things they do and say that probably make it all worth it… But yeah… All in good time, maybe…?

So anyway, back to the bbq; We had some nice music to play on the background. I put up a mix of Nick Carter, Linkin Park, Cab Calloway, Beyonce and some Indonesian tracks. The kids sure loved it. The adults did as well. Variation is good.

The kids had fun. They were set own their on little table while us adults had a nice cold beer or some wine with our food on our own table. All went well until the son of a friend of ours decided to go and entertain himself… He was not seated with the other kids at the table anymore. He ended up having fun in my bestfriend’s house, all by himself.

Of course the other kids got lurred into the house too then. They were all bouncing along to Nick Carter’s Burning Up (<–he’s so sexy in this video btw) when I caught them… I guess that’s a compliment to Nick there, they were so into the song that they forgot all about their food, let alone the waterguns and other interesting toys the house has to offer… Not until I walked in and told everyone to get out.

Yeah… Mad fun… Mad fun it was.

After the bbq, the kid of my best friend’s boyfriend got picked up by his mom and our other friend left with her kid. So it was just my best friend and her boyfriend and kid again, and little old me. At first my best friend’s kid was behaving ok. We still had the music on and we were dancing along while doing the dishes and having a smoke afterwards. The kid danced and laughed with us.

But it was way passed her bed time already so we told her to get her PJ’s. We normally have “tea before bed” with the kid. The kid wouldn’t listen. Yesterday she was able to stay up til very very late. So she assumed she could push it to that time again, because Shrek 3 was recorded and she wanted to see it.

My best friend and I were still a bit giggly from the beer, the wine and the fun we had all day. In the meantime “As” from Mary J Blige and George Michael was playing on the background. We just made up our own words to the song;

“If you don’t get your PJ’s right now,

tomorrow you’re not going to get out.

You’ll be stuck in the house all day,

even when it’s sunny and nice and kids go outside to play.

So don’t make a fuzz, just go to your room and put your jamies on.

You do want to have fun tomorrow, right?

There’ll be lots of sun.


Of course we all couldn’t help but laugh. The kid laughed too. She ran off and then came back again sticking her tongue out and acting silly. I couldn’t help myself, I had to say it; ” Are you soft in the head?!” We all laughed again. Then the kid threw a fit, had a tantrum and protested about the fact that she had to go to bed. Her mom told her again to go and get the PJ’s and get dressed. Here comes stern auntie again; “You got legs don’t you? Use them, walk to your room and get your PJ’s on. I don’t want to see you back here without them on. You hear me?” The kid frowned and pouted and stomped her feet. “Don’t make me get off this chair. Start walking.” I said. And **woosh** there the kid went, off to her room. She returned in her PJ’s. Wow, must be the beer or something cause I was really on a roll today.


Because of the bad behavior, my best friend decided her kid wasn’t allowed to have tea time before bed anymore. Straight to bed she went. We heard her moping and crying for a few minutes but the kid just has to learn that to listen, y’know?


We flicked on the TV in the evening and one of my favorite movies of all time happened to be on; The Shawshank Redemption. We missed half of it but that movie is just… I love Morgan Freeman, man. He’s just so good in everything he does. And the story in this movie is just… It’s an emotional rollercoaster but with a good ending. With this movie, they decided to actually make a nice ending scene. I’m not a sucker for happy endings, I just want them to be proper. If I’d wanted to “read the ending”, like in Donnie Brasco, I’d get myself the book. It’s a movie; I want a visual ending.

I’d recommend anyone to watch The Shawshank Redemption. There’s just so much power in it. Some graphic scenes here and there, but whatta ya expect? It’s a movie about prison. About a man who gets sentenced for life for a crime he didn’t do. A man who gets abused, violated and used by both the prison employees as the inmates. A man who crawls through shit to get out and leave everyone who did him wrong behind with a nice payback. Ah! This movie is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen, will ever see in my entire life. I simply LOVE it. Go download it, rent it, buy it (it’s probably not that expensive now cause it’s old, released in 1994).

And now… Now it’s time for bed, for me.

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