Haven’t had a teenybopper moment for ten years, but…

Remember the Backstreet Boys? Ofcourse you do. The 5 singing and dancing boys from Florida who stormed the charts back in the 90’s?

I used to be a big fan of their music. Still love them, it’s a youth sentimental thing. I mean, I was friggin 12 when I first heard their funky pop tunes. Nick Carter was my biggest crush throughout junior high. The first concerts I’ve ever been to, were from none other than the Backstreet Boys!

Ah… Those concerts were hardcore man. They were even rougher than the Eminem concerts I’ve ever been to. In Holland it’s legal to buy alcoholic drinks at age 16 and we are also allowed to buy weed at age 18. Most of the people in an Eminem crowd here (not all of ‘m, not stereotyping here) were either drunk or stoned… Stoners aren’t really aggressive or anything. Most people in the crowd of a Backstreet Boys concert were teenaged girls with raging hormons. Ever tried to fight your tiny little 13-year-old body throughout a HUGE mass of girls all having that one craving; to be at the front row? I have. I’ve learned to fight during Backstreet Boys concerts man. Forget moshpits, throw yourself through a Backstreet Boys teenaged girls crowd and you’ll be sure to return home with bruises all over your body. Yeah, those were the days.

Ofcourse as we all matured, the teenaged hormones sort of faded. The 12 year old screaming girls from back then are now grown up ladies with families of their own. But still, when the Boys are back in town all those grown up ladies somehow become that little teenaged girl again for a few hours. And that my friend, that is just… A wow feeling 🙂

Now you might go; “WTF you need a sweet poppy group like Backstreet Boys for? You, who has been posting D12 and Eminem clips during the passed few blog entries. You, who smoked Linkin Crack?!” Well duh; I’m eclectic. And duh: I’m female, so DUH I like eye candy. And they, the Backstreet Boys, happen to be great vocalists too, all of them. They are just awesome singing a cappella!

Also, gotta have some respect for how hard these boys worked since a very young age to get where they are. I mean WTF, they are active for over 18 years already! They managed to stay out there throughout the ups and downs and the mockery that pop musicians sadly have to face throughout their career. They are getting their own star at the walk of fame! Finally the respect they deserve, yeah!

Then there’s the fact that the group reduced from 5 to 4 members a few years ago. It was a sad day when Kevin Richardson left the group. But even then, the guys still managed to be out there and make some good music. Ofcourse, they haven’t been topping the charts as much as they did back in the 90’s. But hell, I guess I just have a thing for the underdogs in any given game.

And again; For what are they mocked, really? For being a group of singing men? Or the fact that AJ McLean and Nick Carter had to overcome certain addictions? Or is it for making “sweet sounding” love songs? For not using swear words in any of their songs? What’s wrong with love songs, anyway? Besides, most of the lyrics to any song can be taken in any given context, really. And it’s not all love songs: Everybody is a Backstreet Boys Anthem, like What’s My Name is a Snoop Dog anthem. Show Me The Meaning is a song about loss. A Song For The Unloved is a song for all those who’ve been through shit in life. Moving On is a song about picking up your life after whatever you’ve been through. I could go on and on about all their songs and disect all their songs on here but why would I? What’s wrong with a love song, anyway? Michael Jackson, Prince, Boyz II Men and many MANY other musicians out there have made love songs as well. Even rock bands have love songs. Papa Roach has made love songs. Even some Linkin Park songs could be concidered love songs. Even some of Eminem’s songs are love songs. What’s wrong with love songs? Love is a part of life. So is breaking your heart, or finding a new loved one.

Then there are people who nag about the fact that the Backstreet Boys dance. What’s wrong with dancing? Nothing I’d say. It’s good exercise 🙂

Completely off topic here but; I do like to dance to my new Linkin Park CD; Living Things too. That’s some funky shit! Ah… Ok, back to my Backstreet Boys praising now.


To me the Backstreet Boys still have sentimental value. Always will. I too feel like a kid again when I hear their music or read and see stuff about them. Then again, I’m a kid at heart, tee-hee 😛

Matter of fact: They are making a new CD with KEVIN RICHARDSON! This is a bit of old news already, I’m aware of that. But still; I am so happy that he rejoined the group! Kevin is such a fun and level headed guy. I can’t wait to see those guys perform together with all 5 of them. Can’t wait for their new CD.

Ah, I’m having Backstreet Boys fever!!

WAHOOOOOO! The Boys are back in town. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it XD

Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive!

OK. I’m done now.

4 thoughts on “Haven’t had a teenybopper moment for ten years, but…

  1. Hmm… Thought I’d check this blog again…

    Backstreet Boys? No, they’re not my cup of tea…

  2. I love BSB! I don’t know why people make fun of the boys too. They are great artsts.

    Kevin has always been my favorite man. I look for a boyfriend who look like him! Hihihih!


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