Breaking a habit

So… After reading Mike Shinoda’s blog entry about this Release Date Challenge, I have been thinking a lot about my habits. I’m still going to download old skool games, movies and music through torrentz and other peer-to-peer networks. But, I will see to it that when I do appreciate the musician or the game developer in a higher level to actually purchase their stuff… Instead of robbing them blind…

And so… I logged onto and pre-ordered LIVING THINGS, Linkin Park‘s upcoming album which will be released in about two weeks from now. I am excited about it. It’s been a while since I’ve actually done something like that… The last CD I actually bought was from The Listening, which is about 7 years ago. Wow, time flies by so fast! Especially when you’re a procastinator like me, postponing everything and mainly doing what feels right and fun at that moment. Yes… Bad habits… But… I’m breaking a habit actually, in a way. I pre-ordered the album, yes I did….

Anyhoo… I like Linkin Park‘s changing sounds. Maybe it’s because I’m an eclectic listener. I like anything from Backstreet Boys and Pink to 2Pac Eminem, from the old skool R&B from Boyz 2 Men and the witty TLC to christian and Indonesian rock bands, latin, Dutch crazy party music (the hip hop from Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and Partysquad are just wack and funky) to raw British Drum n Bass. Anything with a phat beat, a thick baseline and either good vocals or good lyrics. I prefer the combination of strong lyrics with strong vocals, but in pop music that’s very hard to come by and a nice witty sing-a-long song every now and then can be fun sometimes. LMFAO‘s I’m Sexy And I Know It, is a funky song. The lyrics are catchy but don’t really make sense. But they’re funny, witty, bring you in the party vibe and that’s just what you need in the club. Cause man, that’s some funky dance music yo!

So for Linkin Park to not sound as “Nu Metalish” as they did 10 years ago is not a problem to me. It’s development. Everything changes, everyone changes as they mature. It’s a bit of getting used to and accepting the progress as time flies by faster than a bullet.

To just stick to one sound or genre in a world with so many sounds and types of music is like eating peanut butter sandwiches every single day, during every single meal. Eventhough you might love peanut butter a lot, after 2 days you really want something else on your plate. We have a Dutch phrase, don’t know if they have it in English too but roughly translated it’d be something like;

variety is the spice of life.

And that phrase just makes a lot of sense. You don’t wear the same outfit everyday. Even when you’re broke as fuck you still want to change your underwear every now and then… Eventhough you love Mac N Cheese, if you eat it nonstop every day for the next entire week you’ll actually crave something else.

People who follow a certain band or musician for a certain period tend to nag about the changing sound. I don’t always like my best friend’s cooking either, but I do finish my plate when I’m invited for dinner. Because it’s polite, because she made an effort in the kitchen and because there are flavors in the dish that do taste good. So what if she messed up with the Indonesian rice dish, the chicken is fried so what the hell should I complain about?

When you’re into a certain band, like Linkin Park, you are actually “invited” into their “kitchen” to taste/listen their progress as a band on that specific album. And sometimes you have to hear it again to understand. Sometimes, you have to put your expectations of what you heard in previous productions aside and listen with an open mind. Cause if you do that, you’ll probably enjoy that strange weird song a lot more. You’ll even understand it more.

So… I’ll be waiting for LIVING THINGS to drop in my mailbox with an open mind and a racing heart. Cause man, the suspense is killing me.

And now I’ll dig into my best friend’s fridge for some of that fried chicken she made yesterday. Some habits won’t go away, I can’t lay off the chicken wings man! No man, I need me chicken right now.

Oh, here’s some music for your entertainment.

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