Theme Hospital

I was babysitting my friend’s 8-year-old this weekend. My friend has a computer since about two years now. She’s the opposite of me when it comes to gadgets and stuff. I love computers, I’m a real geek when it comes to that. I can’t go a day without internet. I’d feel cripple without having a laptop. My friend, on the other hand, used to be afraid of computers. She still is, actually.

But since we do live in an era where a computer is almost as important as something like… Oh I don’t know… Breathing, food or water….! My friend decided to get herself a computer. So we went to this second hand shop two years ago and got her this classic model. You know, the kind that is just fast enough to go online with. The kind that is suitable for some emailing and maybe some small games.

Since my friend’s computer is pretty outdated, I figured to check some downloadable old skool videogames that I used to play back in the day. I managed to find Sims 1 and 2 a while ago. And I recently also found Theme Hospital. Does anyone still remember that game?

It’s a shame they never made a remake of it! Building up hospitals from practically nothing. Patients running around with weird diseases, like a bloated head from eating too much cheese, invisible people, the kidney bean disease and so on. It’s hysterical!

Throughout the game you get challenged to be the best hospital in town. To cure as many weird diseases as possible with the weird equipment they have. And ofcourse, the further along you get through the game the tougher the challenges get. The graphics aren’t that bad either and the game doesn’t need much space on your computer.

So I helped the 8-year-old with the game. It’s in English and since we’re Dutch that can be a little tricky at first for some kids. But it’s not that hard to learn. Yes, I’m making a real little gamer out of this kid, for sure!

Eventually, my friend’s 8-year-old loves the game even more than their Nintendo 3D games now. The kid hasn’t touched that funky handheld at all today. It was Theme Hospital all the way. Yep, the kid is hooked. And as we played the game today together, I became hooked again too.

Ah, this game just takes me back man. Back to the days where games were simple yet tricky at the same time. Curious about the game too? I found it right here, along with many other great classics from yonder year. A great game for kids all ages, even the older kids 😛

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