Random copy/paste entry

I don’t feel like typing anything…. Except for what I am typing right now. So instead, I will just copy/paste 10 random things in here that I found on the interwebs. Feel free to copy/paste your own random stuff too in the comment section below. Thank you and good day my lurking friend.

It’s Friday

*whoot whoot* How are you spending your Friday night? Well, since I’m broke as frack, I am just sitting at home with my rabbits and watching another disgusting episode of Tosh.O… And I have absolutely no idea why I am watching this crap… So here are some random FOREVER ALONE MEMES to fill up this … More It’s Friday

The real Haarlem Shake

There’s Haarlem, the capital city of the Dutch province of North Holland. A very old city, founded in about 1245 by Count Willem 2. Then there’s Harlem, a large neighborhood within the northern section of the New York City borough of Manhattan; Named after the Dutch Haarlem and founded in about 1658. And then there’s … More The real Haarlem Shake