Early cloudy morning

Got home from work yesterday and was so tired that I figured to take a nap. But ended up sleeping a hole through the day and have slept for 12 hours. Woke up at 5.30 in the morning fit an we early breakfast and a smoke. Another workday awaits.

New phone

My previous smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy J3. Not a bad phone really. But rather old. It wasn’t able to update proper and certain apps would just spaz out. At one point I deleted most of the apps and even had to get rid of the WordPress App. I was unable to post any random … More New phone

Nifty Random Post

Can’t sleep. And since I haven’t done much on this blog the passed few days…. I figured to just… You know, fill it with some random junk that I stumbled upon during my sleepless strolls on the world wide web. I’ve stumbled upon some cute robot stuff and some funny pictures, some nifty videos… Stuff … More Nifty Random Post