Scrub Reruns

So… I’ve been watching Scrubs reruns since last weekend’s Scrub Weekend on Comedy Central and they have been airing the sitcom every single day since the Scrubs Weekend. While typing this out, I am in fact watching the same friggin episode I’ve seen last weekend. The same episode with J.D. and Turk who actually plan … More Scrub Reruns

Annie are you ok?

It’s been 4 years since the King of Pop has gone too soon. I still remember the time when he asked Annie if she were ok. I sure love Smooth Criminal. RIP Micheal Jackson, you’re moonwalking with the angels now.

Update on Xbox One

Like many other loyal Xbox fans out there, I was devastated when Microsoft announced the Xbox One.  I can look passed the look of a console, but to force someone to play online and not allowing one to share their fairly bought games with their friends, charging them extra fees above the purchase they made … More Update on Xbox One