Some say that when one half of a couple passes away, the other half will follow their lover soon afterwards. A month ago, the only man of the house passes away. Today, his wife followed. What to do now, who am I going to play Xbox Games with now? My personal assistant, as I like … More 😦

Dutch Cream Pie

I’m having some yummie Dutch cream pie with a nice cup o’ black coffee for breakfast right now. YUMMM, so tasty and so NOT good for my diet  (wtf do I care about a diet anyway?) Anyway… I figured to share the recipe for making your own classic Dutch cream pie. Decorating this pie is … More Dutch Cream Pie

Fuck you sun!

The sun can be a real dick sometimes. Especially during summer time, when it refuses to show it’s face. Or during autumn, when you expect rainy days and the sun decides to shine anyway. So… I stumbled upon this and just couldn’t help but laugh. I think I’ve been eating too much of that spicy … More Fuck you sun!