Another movie night

Am watching The 40 Year Old Virgin with Steve Carrell on TV right now. I’ve seen the movie many times before but it’s still entertaining. Steve Carrell is creepy but he plays his part well in this movie. you’d almost believe him actually being a 40 year old virgin, tee-hee. He’s just hysterical in this … More Another movie night

bummed out

So. Happy pentecost to everyone! Hope you’re having a sunny day like we have here in Holland. I’m so happy with all the sunshine. Yah, finally regaining the color I lost during wintertime 😀 This weekend we have all sorts of festivities to celebrate pentecost in Holland. There’s the Revival Weekend (Opwekking). Lots of Christian … More bummed out

Download junkie

Yes. It’s been a month since my last post. I’ve had plenty of brain farts during the time I haven’t posted anything in this blog. It’s just… Been caught up in stuff. Stuff I won’t bore you with. I’ve also been caught up in downloading stuff. I’ve been addicted to this peer-to-peer downloading since Napster … More Download junkie